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Rafting, canyoning, speologie și caiac-canoe în România și străinătate

Rafting on the river Jiu - 1 day

If you were to ask any professional which is the best river for rafting activities, we are 99% sure that their answer will be an “on the spot” one: the Jiu.

59 euro/person

Rafting on Jiu - 2 days

79 euro/person

Rafting on the Buzau River


If you are like the large majority of the people who visit our site, then you have surely flirted with the idea of going in a rafting tour one day.

And if you haven’t done any rafting so far, our eight-year old experience tells us that fear might be one of the causes you are hesitating.

The ideal rafting tour for beginners

79 euro/person for 2 days - 59 euro/person for 1 day



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